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Give content its throne.

They say content is king, but it can’t rule the digital world through PDFs and blogs. The Lightpaper® is a custom content platform for engaging experiences that can be measured in real time and updated as often as you want. Let your story reign with the Lightpaper.

Engage your users.

Your content isn’t just competing with other marketing. It’s competing with all-consuming experiences like Netflix, Instagram, and Siri. Not to mention emails and phone calls, errands, and meetings.

You need something better than a blog.

By using the best technology, content, and creative, you can engage your users with world-class media. Combine animations, videos, and illustrations with integrated technology and content strategy to share interactive experiences on any device.

Measure your performance.

When you send a white paper or e-book to a prospect, how do you know it worked? Without detailed analytics, the only thing you can measure is a headline. But did they like this page or that page, this chart, that graphic? Did it lead to conversions or did they drop off after page 2?

You need to know how it performs.

With the Lightpaper, you can bring your own analytics, provide SEO value to your brand, and develop a game plan to re-engage users in real time. You can finally see what works, why, and what to do about it.

Iterate on the fly.

Once you send a PDF or email into the world, that’s all she wrote. It might as well be carved in stone. What if there’s new research? What if you had an unfortunate typo? With many traditional mediums, you’re stuck in the past. Literally.

You need a way to update at any time.

The Lightpaper lives on a content management system that gives you the ability to adjust your content or readjust your direction based on new trends or new edits from the approval committee. Embed that new graph, change a headline, and stay ahead of the market.

Find a new paper route.

Ready for a new way to publish content so you can engage, measure, and iterate at any time, on any device? We’re ready to show you the way.

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